Vacuum Bags

Size Dimensions(inch) Dimensions(mm) Qty. Per Case
50ml 3.15″ x 4.33″ x 1.97″ 80.01mm x 110mm x 50.04mm 1000
100ml 3.54″ x 5.12″ x 1.97″ 89.92mm x 130.05mm x 50.04mm 1000
250ml 4.72″ x 6.69″ x 3.15″ 119.89mm x 169.92mm x 80.01mm 1000
500ml 5.51″ x 8.27″ x 3.15″ 139.95mm x 210.05mm x 80.01mm 500
1ltr 6.69″ x 10.43″ x 3.54″ 169.93mm x 264.92mm x 89.92mm 500
Stand Up Pouches

Vacuum bags are one of the best flexible packaging methods as it is space convenient and easy to display. It is useful in removing excess air before sealing the bag. Vacuum bags are considered to be a very plain packaging pouch but Pouchmakers Canada offers much more. By the use of the rotogravure techniques, we can custom print on vacuum bags. Pouchmakers Canada makes use of the same techniques to print vacuum bags in 9 different colours. There are two types of vacuum bags: Laminated Vacuum bags and Co extruded Vacuum bags. In the laminated Vacuum bag, the custom print is on the upper layer and is sandwiched in between two layers. So the print is not affected by scratches on the top. But in the Co extruded vacuum bags, the print is on the top layer. If the top layer gets scratched, there is a probability that the print will rub off making co extruded bags cheaper than laminated vacuum bags, even though its product shelf life is not good in comparison to laminated vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are mainly used to pack fresh produce such as meat, fish, poultry, fruit and organic food to better protect them from moisture and harmful molecules that could spoil your product.