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However when choosing custom bags here are few questions do you need shiny finish, do you want matt finish, do you want foil bags, what is the product you are packaging, do you want white or black bags, or you have need vaccum packaging.is it a liquid product, solid products, tea ,coffee, tobacco spieces, oil or greasy material.is your pouch standing or hanging on store shelf. stand up pouches can stand on self or can be hang with the help of hang hole. this is the reason they are popoular. side gusset pouch can stand on the shelp of can stack on the shelf.flat pouches are used for chepear packaging.quad seal bags extremely similar to side gusset bags, this will give asthetic look, they are recommended for pet food or coffee packaging. flat bottom pouches can stand much more easily on shelf an can give unique looks and make them attractive with tin tie.pillow pouches is cheapest option in packaging, they are also known as central seal flat pouches.used for stacking on the self. other thing to consider is resealable zipper or hanghole, do you need spout, do you need valve which is degassing valve.looking for high barrier bags, how do you want your bags look asthetic. what is your product, do you need your product for high heat resitant products this are also important questions when you come to us for packaging