8oz / 250g Matt White – Flat Bottom Pouch No Zipper With Valve

Short Description

Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Case (500 pieces)

95mm(Width) x 230mm(Height) x 35+35=70mm(Side Gusset) x 35+35=70mm(Bottom Gusset)

Minimum Order Quantity - 1 Case (500 pieces)


Price: $265.00


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Additional Product Information

Minimum Order Quantity - 1 Case (500 pieces)


Size in Millimeters:
95mm Width x 230mm Height x (35mm+35mm=70mm) Side Gusset x (35mm+35mm=70mm) Bottom Gusset

Size in Inches:
3.7inch Width x 9inch Height x 2.7inch Side Gusset x 2.7inch Bottom Gusset