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Hello this is philippe at swisspack, Your flexible packaging partner for all your packaging needs. we are world’s largest stock holder of stand up pouches in most colour and sizes. we can also do custom printed bags for you for lowest minimum order quantity in market.

Our Speciality is to find the perfect packaging solutions for your packaging needs and replace any normal plastic bags for any product you want to package. standuppouches is fastest growing packaging world wide and their is most popular and optimum way of packaging powder liquid and solid foods.standuppouches replacing boxes,tins, glass bowls,plastic bottles and other rigid packaging in many industries on daily basis as flexible packaging is cheaper, transportation cost are lower and enviornmental friendly as well as cycle.

Here are some different examples use for standuppouches packaging such as food products, pet foods, tea, coffee, protein powder as well as nutritional supplement such as tobacco, spieces, dry meats even in cosmetic industries, pharmaceutical industries and medical products.

You can also package liquid products such as detergents, oil, soups,dips,dairy and many other products.

Advantages of stand up pouches is to stand on the shelf making your product visible, bold and present in consumer’s eye as well as capturing consumer attention and adding value to your brand. Stand up pouches has resealable zipper so the consumer can leave product inside bag after consuming partly and resealing bag back again and this leaves products to be high quality for a longer period of time.

Stand up pouches comes with metalized foil barrier and made up of 2 to 7 layers of polymer making it extremely high barrier bags extending products shelf life dramatically for maximum impact we can also do custom printed bags with up to 9 colours high quality print processwith lowest minimum order on the market for fully printed bags even you have chance to compete against biggest companies and create your own unique printed bag as well as established yourself as solid, reputable and quality brand on the store shelf.