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How to measure your side gusset pouch with central. so for measure side gusset pouch we need width and total height of the bag and then side gusset of the bag. best way to measure side gusset just insert your ruler inside this is the close side gusset and if you want to total open side multiply by 2 and you can double check it. it is very important to give us side gusset measurement of close this is requirement for the production of the side gusset.side gusset left and right side is equal side gusset and for central seal side gusset pouch there is central seal running down middle of the bag this is you see in the dieline so not to worry about that. you only require to give us width and the height. central seal is 10 to 12 mm.if you are having one way valve just go in the dieline and find about valve position is in the bag required.