Label Application

Pouch Makers Canada is now offering the service of applying your own custom printed labels to your bag order. Leaving you with one less step in your filling process and providing you with professional looking pouches ready to be packed! Labels are machine applied ensuring precise application on the pouch. Contact Us to have your Labels Applied Today !

Tin Tie Application

We are now offering the application service of Tin Ties to Your Gusseted Pouches. Tin Ties available in Black or White and in 5.5″ or 7″ sizes depending on size of pouch required. These machine applied tin ties make it convenient for your customers to re-close the pouches after each use and ensure precise application on the pouch. Contact Us Now to have your Tin Ties applied !

Valve Application

One-Way Degassing Valves releases Oxygen and other gasses expelled from fresh products while preventing air to come in to the pouch. Mainly used in the coffee industry, these valves allow roasters to pack freshly roasted coffee without having to worry about pouches bursting due to gas build up in the bag. Contact Us Now to have your pouches equipped with a One-Way Degassing Valve.

Hang Hole Application

Providing you with the choice of Round or Euro Slot Hang Holes this application is designed for long lasting durability and great for retail displays. Contact Us Now to have your pouches Hole Punched for a better display !